NO to cronyism, nepotism, and corruption in Irving.

Opportunities should be open to all Irving voters regardless of who they know, who they married, and who they are related to.

YES to open government.

Open government means effective use of taxpayer funds to benefit everyone in Irving and in Place 7, based on facts and best practices, with complete transparency so that voters can fully understand the city council decisions and why they were made.

YES to equal representation for all.

All Place 7 residents deserve equal respect and dignity under the law in all aspects of governance.

YES to revitalization of Irving neighborhoods and shopping plazas.

Many neighborhoods and commercial areas are in disrepair and are a blight on Irving. We must use code enforcement and other tools available to the city to clean this up.

NO to increase in alcohol.

Alcohol passed on our formerly dry cities and there were many promises made with the increased revenue. How are these funds being spent and were promises kept?

NO to changes in our trash pick up services and NO to trash cans.

New developments need to pay their fair share for trash services, police, fire, and water.  Our systems are strained and the additional new development should not be thrown on long time paying voters.

NO to closings of our aquatic programs.

Recent news media has us continue to question the actions of our former city manager who closed two neighborhood pools without input or feedback.

NO to bad roads.

Irving residents want decent roads without potholes that damage their vehicles. Bad roads are, in effect, a hidden tax paid for car repairs.

NO to an overabundance of substandard single family rent homes.

Move the successful multifamily crime free apartment ordinance into the single family rent homes.